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2021/10/04: I am commited to keeping this website online- I mean it's has been here for 20+ years, why stop now? Unfortunately, a lot of the website used to rely on adobe flash which has been discontinued. All the files are still here, they just don't work any more. If I come up with a good alternative that is not too time consuming I will attempt to convert the flash content as time permits. Also, many of the offsite links are broken- That's just the nature of the internet for you (and all those free website hosting companies that are now gone). Unless you make the effort to save the content locally, you are always at the whim of other people.

Just a heads up to field the emails we get every week. First off, we have no affiliation with Bradley Automotive the creator and supplier of the Bradley GTII. We can't reimburse you for the money your father lost in the 70's. And, other than the handful of parts listed below, we don't know where to get parts. We also don't know what your car is worth or where you might be able to sell it. We are just enthusiasts here working on our cars in our free time and sharing our work.




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Bradley Key Fob
Bradley Gold Ring
Bradley Brochures
License Plate Holder

If you have any of these items and you want to sell them, contact me.


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